Vacation in Hawaii

It’s that time of year when people are using their saved up vacation time and running off to enjoy something fresh! For some that may mean backpacking through Europe or mountain climbing, but for those who want to enjoy some quality time at the beach there is no better answer than Hawaii. With so many choices for an amazing vacation, it can be hard to plan your trip, so we’re here to give you some tips on the top five activities you should do before you head back to work.

Orca Whale

Whale Watching
Whale watching is a popular choice for tourists when they visit Hawaii. Humpback whales migrate from Alaska to harbor in the summer months, fattening up before the end of summer when they travel out to the Islands to mate, give birth, and then return to the Alaskan waters. Seeing these majestic creatures during your vacation is a must. The whales begin to arrive in Hawaii mid-November and head back to Alaska at the end of May. If you haven’t yet made your flight plans for your vacation, arranging to arrive in February or March will allow you to see the whales during the peak of the season and have the best scuba diving Oahu.

If you want to see the humpbacks in abundance, you will want to schedule a boating tour and visit Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island as this is where the whales tend to gather the most. This will allow you observe the whales in their natural habitat and you may get lucky and have a curious humpback approach your boat! A lot of the tours have microphones that they drop in the water when they are near the whales so you can hear the males singing, so make sure to ask if the tour offers that before you book with a boat. You want to make sure you make that most out of this amazing opportunity. During the whale season there are many knowledgeable guides who are part of numerous boat tours, so locating the best one will not be hard to do.

For those who are easily affected by sea sickness, there are a few locations where you are able to observe the movements of the humpback whales. Kealia Lookout, Kilauea Lighthouse and a variety of other high-points of land in coastal areas are great places to get a glimpse of the whales. It’s easiest to spot them by land if you are looking for their playful splashes and magnificent plumes of water that shoot high into the air.